Working with an Architect

When you meet with your Architect you should bring whatever information you feel necessary to express your ideas about the project, i.e. written descriptions, magazine clippings, photographs, material samples, budgetary info, etc.  The Architect will use this information in developing different design ideas.

What fees to expect?

On most residential projects Architects fees can range from 3% to 6% of the total construction cost, depending on project complexity and various services chosen. Additional fees may apply if construction administration services, structural, mechanical, civil, environmental or other engineering services are required.

Typical Architectural Project Phases

Programming Phase

On a typical project the Architect would first establish a project program with the owner.  This can simply be what types and sizes of spaces and what spatial relationships are required.

Schematic Design Phase

Taking the program and other project information into account the Architect will develop initial concept drawings to establish a project direction. These concept drawings may include floor plans and elevation views.

Design Development Phase

The concept drawings would be reviewed with the client and developed further based on their feedback.  As the design develops a three dimensional CAD model can be utilized to show multiple interior and exterior views.

Construction Document Phase

Once the design is finalized the Architect would than prepare more detailed construction documents.  The construction documents are used to obtain final bid pricing, file for building permits and are used by the construction crew to erect the building.  These drawings typically include floor plans, elevations and sectional drawings showing exact dimensions, structural information, electrical layouts, material specifications and other detailed information.

Bidding & Construction Phase

The Architect can assist the owner in reviewing bids from contractors. When the project is under construction the Architect can act on the owner's behalf and make periodic site visits to see that the project is being built according to the construction plans.  Other construction administration services are available as well.

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